Parish Directory

The parish has requested the services of Lifetouch Church Directories to prepare our Pictorial Family Album. It will contain color portraits of all the families, addresses, phone numbers and emails (optional).  This project will also be a fundraiser for our new Parish Family Center.  Each family photographed will select a pose for the directory and receive a FREE Church Directory and an 8 x 10 Color Portrait by partnering with Lifetouch.  Lifetouch Church Photography has over 40 years of experience providing quality church directories and professional photography to church members.

Click here to read a letter from Father John regarding his support of this fundraiser.

Below are several links that provide additional information on the Church Directory program.  

  • Click this link to read and schedule your pictures to be taken by LifeTouch. 
  • Click this link to read the brochure about Capturing Memories for a Lifetime.
  • Click this link for the full informational brochure regarding the San Juan Del Rio Church Directory and discount offers

This is a link to an informational video about the LifeTouch Directory. 

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