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Fellowship Invites Serving & Helping

FISH is a Catholic family support ministry that creates fellowship within the faith community. We serve by strengthening the domestic church through our various events such as Bible Study, Book Series, First Fruits Nursery, and other activities that immerse the whole family in parish life. Family community hours will be credited.


Catholicism 101:  Wednesdays at 10am Room #410 in the Parish Family Center

Pack-a-Snack Playdates: Tuesday at 10am July 26th at Greencove Spring Children's Water Park

Husband & Wife Dinner Out: Thursday at 6:30pm July 28th at Enza's Italian Restaurant 10601 San Jose Blvd

Sunday Family Brunch after 11am Mass on July 31st

First Friday Adoration & Family Potluck: Potluck Meal 5pm-7pm. Bring your favorite meal to share.

First Fruits Nursery: Sundays at 11am Mass & 10am Wednesday during FISH Book Series



Marcel Nagel - [email protected] 904-403-4662

Marcia Rogero - [email protected] 904-362-1281

Debra Humphrey - [email protected] 904-237-0362

Mary Hurt - [email protected] 619-846-9795