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Resources for Parishioners Praying from Home

Also, we would like to remind our parishioners that these are difficult times for our parishes throughout the country.  If you are in a financial position to continue to donate money to the San Juan del Rio Parish, we encourage you to transition to online giving.  With public masses canceled around the diocese, the local churches need your support.  If you would like to sign up for Parish Giving online, you can do so at here.  If you prefer to continue to use the envelopes, you can mail those in to the church office.

Below is a collection of resources we have pulled together to help our faithful in this time. We will continue to add and share resources as they become available! ✝️

EWTN Daily Masses - watch here  or listen here

Father Richard Pagano Livestream of Sunday Masses 

Bishop Barron Livestream of Daily Masses 

Livestreams of Perpetual Adoration

For personal prayer, Magnificat is offering their online issue for free