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Religious Education

Letter from Bishop Esteves concerning Religious Education for the 2021-2022 school year.

The Religious Education program for San Juan Del Rio Catholic Church is based on four guiding principles:

  1. To establish and deepen our students' personal friendship with Jesus Christ.

  2. To teach our students the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church.

  3. To reinforce the faith foundation taught in the home and at Mass.

  4. To teach Catholic life skills, personal prayer, scripture, sacraments, service, etc.

The continuous religious education of your child(ren) is very important to us as they are the future of our faith community.  Therefore, no child will be prevented from attending religious education classes because of family financial hardship issues.  To apply for financial assistance, please contact the Religious Education office for a Financial Hardship Fee Waiver form.

You can review the full parents' guide to curriculum for Religious Education in the Diocese of St. Augustine here.

Religious Education Contact Info:  (904) 287-2801

General Inquires, Absence Notifications, Catechist Inquiries:

[email protected]

Director of Religious Education:

Deacon Stanley Boschert – [email protected]

Coordinator of Religious Education (Adult Faith Formation, PREP events coordinator, Catechist liaison):

Monina Mulleague – [email protected]

Religious Education Assistant:

Darla Cook – [email protected]


2021-2022 PREP Calendar

The following forms are for Families Only

The following forms are for Catechists Only: All Catechists must be fingerprinted and cleared through the Diocese of St. Augustine (even if already fingerprinted for work). All forms for clearance are online. Please turn in receipt for fingerprinting and we will reimburse you for the expense.